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B2B Marketing

From idea
to impact

No two businesses are completely identical to another. That's why at Centagon, we base every marketing campaign on research and data. This creates a solid foundation under all the marketing efforts we provide for you. It also allows us to determine what part of our service is needed for a clear and, above all, measurable end result.

Your goals come first

Our approach

For clear insight into all the results we want to measure, we use a large number of specialized tools. And by largely automating online marketing campaigns, we can monitor progress and effect at all times. So we know what’s going on in various marketing channels, such as social media, e-mail marketing, SEO, and SEA, and can make adjustments if necessary. That, too, is what we mean by integrated marketing communications.

Maintain full control over results and ROI

Our services

What matters to you and us, of course, are results. We measure those not just at the end of campaigns, but in real time.


Analytics and dashboarding
Email Marketing automation
Lead Management
Tracking and analytics


Strategy Development
Campagne management
Data marketing
Lead generation
Conversion Rate Optimization
Performance Reporting


Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Lead Nurturing

A very special team of generalists and specialists

Why choose, when you have both marketing generalists and specialists at your disposal. Rather, let it depend on your concrete needs at the moment or the complexity of your question. That way, you have the flexibility to skip unnecessary steps and switch gears when things get really complicated. So you don't have to choose in advance and still keep to guarantee a complete and effective deployment of your marketing.

Marketing generalists

Policy starts with "the big picture," and that is certainly true of marketing. Together with a marketing generalist, you outline the contours of the situation and the choices you can make to make the desired changes. At that stage, it is helpful to have someone on board who can ask the right questions, who can spar about an appropriate strategy and who has experience in the executability of plans.

Marketing specialists

For good results, good execution is at least as important as a well-thought-out plan. That execution is the work of specialists dedicated to perfection in every detail.

Three decades of experience,
six promises

All-in-one marketing.
You've got it!

Working with an all-in-one marketing agency provides practical benefits while improving the effectiveness of efforts. Consider how much time and effort you can save when working with one party. Compare that to multiple service providers, each with their own opinions and systems. Probably even more valuable is improvement in effectiveness: better consistency in branding and visual identity, a holistic marketing strategy across all media and disciplines, and access to a team of experts in all areas.

Smooth processes,
faster results

Our approach leads to cost savings and faster turnaround times because we have more control over the entire process and can optimize resources and schedule more efficiently.


What You See Is What You Get. We like to be transparent in what we do for you in front of and behind the scenes. We find this openness essential for trust and for optimal cooperation. If this attitude is mutual, we also promise you a strong and long-term relationship in which pleasure and results go hand in hand.

Real-time insight improves your ROI

The more accurate and current the information, the more informed and quicker you can adapt to changing market conditions. It also makes the field of marketing more transparent and accessible.

One voice. Everywhere

Your voice resonates in everything we rig and execute for you. A customized strategy, creativity the way you and your target groups like to see and hear it, systems and reports that match your needs and knowledge level. Everything to make it clear that you and your brand are central.

Results that do justice to your brand

Centagon's talents specialize in creating campaigns that connect with your target audience while staying true to brand identity. From digital content creation and design to lead generation, we offer a full range of marketing services and products that deliver results.

Examples of our work

A team of talented designers, writers and strategists work together to create unique and effective solutions.

Installers and consumers run hot for content

Heat pumps are hot in the Netherlands these days. In homeland Sweden, for NIBE, they have been since 1980. Thanks to smart and powerful heat pumps, no gas is needed to heat homes even in the often harsh Scandinavian winters. Now that we are also making this move in the Netherlands and want to get rid of natural gas en masse, demand here is also growing explosively.

Selko download center

For Selko, we developed an online application that forms the basis of a lead generation campaign. With the Download Center, dealers and other interested parties can find high-quality information in a large number of relevant articles and data. The "marketing deal" consists of exchanging contact data in exchange for downloading this valuable information. With this target group data, Selko gets to know their interests and motives. It is a classic win-win situation. The target group only receives messages and offers they are actually interested in, and Selko can better tailor its product offering to the market.

All-Electric-Ready heat pump campaign for NIBE

If you partner with us for a longer period of time, we are even more capable of achieving good results. In the case of NIBE Netherlands, our online marketing strategy and implementation achieved immediate results at the start in 2019. Since then, the number of leads has grown to the point that the sales department can barely keep up.
Are these good results really attributable to marketing? Yes indeed, as we see that NIBE's online visibility continues to rise against the large and growing competitive field in Google rankings, ad share and social mentions.

Our approach

To turn your goals into results, Centagon has developed a unique approach. Following four steps we help our clients be successful and increase their marketing ROI.

Our 4 step approach for better marketing ROI:

A digital strategy is the essential start to any successful project

Our strategists help you reach the right audience with the right message, through the right channel. They guide you during the transformation from traditional advertising to integrated inbound marketing, set up the overarching message and select the right channels and KPIs.

To develop a successful marketing strategy, you must first research where, when and how your target audience interacts with you. What keywords are relevant within your target audience? How are you represented on social media? What drives your customers to conversion?

Your business goals guide marketing. That is why we never lose sight of these goals during the development processes within integrated marketing.

Our mission is to make marketing a valuable contribution to the development of your business. This requires a structured and controlled way of working in which all specialists keep a focus on the best possible results.

Many specialists are involved in developing a relevant communication concept into a measurable result. The higher goal is not a priority for every individual. A helicopter view to keep everyone on track is therefore essential.

We put you in charge; from the very first creative and conceptual ideas to the moment customers start interacting with your website.

Make your content work for you

Persuading a prospect does not happen through a one-time interaction. Typically, a phased approach is necessary. Targeted content, in varied formats, leads a prospect through relevant insights to the solution your organization offers.

"Content is king" is often said. Yet this is not a given; often content is created without a strategic foundation. In fact, every single component should be tested against the criterion of whether it contributes to the higher goals.

In the digital realm, an article is more than just a good story. The underlying network of meta-data is equally important to ensure that your story gets found and your customers make the right choices in the conversion funnel.

To ensure that your visitors make the choices you want, intelligent technology is crucial. Building customer journeys in an intuitive way helps to arrange complicated personalization processes.

Get the right insights

Effectiveness assured by detailed data preparation and management

We help you combine data streams from different sources to generate more traffic to your website. Meanwhile, we clearly visualize how your results relate to your goals.

By connecting all channels that generate traffic to your website, we ensure that you can monitor the results of all campaign actions.

• Is your advertising budget being used wisely? • Does the content create the desired effect? • Is the effect of the actions sufficient?

Bringing the required expertise together creates continuous availability of all crucial and up-to-date information on which new actions can be based.

Before a campaign is launched, a detailed publication schedule is prepared. Embedded in this is directional key information: what elements does a campaign contain? Which channels will be used? What is the available budget per channel? What are the conversion and "engagement" goals?

Achieve your goals by basing decisions on data

Right now, content does the job. But how can you be sure it's happening as you expect? And what do you do if it doesn't?

We can provide you with detailed daily insights showing how a campaign is performing at various levels. Traffic and engagement are compared to goals, both short- and long-term. Conversion rates are monitored and compared to the best performing channels.

This up-to-date data provides you with valuable insights that allow you to proactively take necessary measures to stay on track and achieve the ultimate goal: revenue growth.

It is not possible to optimize your content once. For good results, a process needs to be put in place that includes constant keyword research, text optimization and new content development.

Centagon helps you periodically look for opportunities to create new content to stay connected with your target audience. For example, consider creating a schedule in which, based on search volumes, blogs are written on relevant topics.

Evaluate, think and improve

The step plan "Think, Build, Track, and Lead" offers benefits such as continuous improvement, innovation, adaptability, and effective leadership. By cycling through the steps repeatedly, individuals or organizations can refine strategies, enhance products or services, and achieve long-term success.

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