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Data & Cookie statement

Technology serves man, but your privacy is in our interest. Centagon takes care to manage your data properly and only uses this data to keep improving its services.

This statement applies to all personal data processed by Centagon B.V., located at Provincialeweg 66, 5503 HH Veldhoven, the Netherlands (referred to as 'we', 'us', or 'Centagon') from its website visitors (referred to as 'you' and 'your data') through the website.

This statement provides an explanation of how we process the data collected through the website and outlines your rights regarding your personal data.

This document contains the following information: 1. How we collect and store personal data 2. How we may share personal data 3. How we secure your personal data 4. When we delete your personal data (storage periods) 5. Your rights 6. Modifications 7. Contact

1. How we collect and store personal data

'Personal data' includes any form of information that directly or indirectly refers to a natural person. This information may include a name, an e-mail address and the IP address of your computer.

We process your personal data for the purposes explained below. Insofar as personal data is collected by cookies, please refer to the 'Cookie policy'.

We collect relevant information about web visits, visitors, contacts and customers in various systems with the aim of enabling us to serve our visitors, prospects and customers optimally. Some data is used to approach you or to support you in optimising our services through segmentation or profiling. Below, we offer an explanation of which types of information we store and why we need this information.

1.1. Log-in services

In order to log in to specific parts of our service, such as acquiring personalised services (personalised ranges/selections and/or prices), your user-name, e-mail address, password, gender, first name, surname and company name will be stored. We are authorised to process this data on the basis of Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation, as it is required to ensure security concerning the access procedure of our website. For this purpose, you will be asked to provide personal data. If you do not provide the requested data, we cannot grant access to your account or provide personalised information.

1.2 Contact forms

To enable ourselves to answer questions or respond via contact forms, we may ask you for your email address and possibly your name and company name. We are entitled to process this data under Article 6(1) of the 'General data Protection Regulation', as it is required to enable us to respond to your enquiry. From this objective, you will be asked to provide personal data. If you do not provide the requested data, we may not be able to contact you and thus answer your query.

1.3 Marketing services

To enable us to send the jusite relevant marketing-related content, we ask you for your email address and possibly your name, initials and gender and possibly additional information such as company name or a job title. If you receive information via email, we may record and use your click behaviour to optimise subsequent direct mails and the website. We are entitled to process this information based on your consent. You are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time. If you do not provide the requested data, we will not provide you with marketing information via email or 'messaging services'.

1.4 Online campaigns

We regularly launch campaigns to motivate our clients and prospects and to maintain contact. In addition to consents relating to marketing, we may thereby request additional information such as addresses, telephone numbers or use of services in order to offer more relevant content and send messages to our visitors and customers. Further information is provided for each individual campaign. We are entitled to process this information based on your consent. You are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time. If you do not provide personal information for this purpose, we will not send relevant content and messages.

1.5 E-mail marketing

In order to send commercial emails, we may collect personal data such as email addresses and possibly your name, initials, gender and additional information such as company name and job title. In general, we are entitled to process this information based on your consent. You are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time. However, where you have provided your contact details with the objective of receiving commercial emails from us or where you are an existing client (Centagon has provided a product or service to you which requires the storage of your contact details in relation to this service or product delivery) and the commercial email relates to similar services or products, we may process your personal data without your consent based on Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation because this data is relevant to our business services. In this situation, you may object to the use of your personal data each time we send you an e-mail message.

1.6 Social media

Through social media, we bring our content to our target audiences to ensure they stay engaged in the environment where our target audience is most active. We may store behaviour and actions on social media such as comments on content or messages sent to social media inboxes. Information about behaviour on social media can be related to behaviour on the Website and based on this information we can personalise your experience on our Website. We may process this data based on your consent. You are allowed to withdraw your consent at any time. If you do not provide personal data for this purpose, we will not obtain your data and cannot personalise your experience on our Website.

1.7 Cookies

Centagon B.V. uses "cookie" technology and other similar technologies to collect additional user data for the Website and to improve our services.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a simple and small file stored on your device, for example to provide basic functionality of the Website, to remember settings and preferences and for statistical purposes. There are different types of cookies, depending on their functions, and they can be stored on users' devices for different periods of time: permanent cookies may have a certain date preset by their owner. Besides cookies, there are other digital techniques to store information or access information stored on your devices. We will treat these techniques as if they were cookies and when we mention cookies in this privacy notice, we will also refer to them.

What is the difference between first-party and third-party cookies?
We distinguish between first-party and third-party cookies. The word 'party' refers to the domain as specified in the cookie: the website that sets the cookie. First-party cookies are managed by Centagon itself or are used on behalf of Centagon and refer to the Centagon domain. Third-party or external cookies are set by external parties/service providers and refer to their own domain name. For example: if we embed YouTube videos on our website, cookies from the YouTube domain are also set.

**What specific cookies does Centagon B.V. use?
We use the following types of cookies on the Website and explain the purpose of these types of cookies. For an overview of the exact cookies, profiling needs, settings and storage period: see below. Click here to change settings and preferences.

Uitleg cookie types

Cookie type

Functional cookies

First / third party

First party cookies


Centagon B.V. uses functional website cookies to help you login to your accounts if you are registered for them or submit forms.

Centagon B.V. may also set cookies to test website changes to improve the experience.

Analytische cookies

First and third party cookies

Analytical cookies allow us to recognise and count anonymised behaviour and the number of visitors to a website, to see how visitors behave on a website and to record what content is read. This allows us to determine how often pages are visited and to determine what the most popular pages are. This helps us to improve the website and the services offered.

Personalised cookies

First and third party cookies

Selected third parties may set tracking cookies to track personal behaviour on [Company] websites for the purpose of creating and sharing more personalised or segmented content. More information on the logic involved, as well as the meaning and intended consequences of such processing can be found here Link to all cookies

Please note that Centagon may be required by local law to obtain consent from you for the use of some cookie technologies. If this is the case, we ask you to consent to the setting of cookies when you visit the Website. Some cookie settings are mandatory for functional requirements. If you do not consent to the setting of non-mandatory cookies, we will not set the cookies. However, this may potentially affect the content of our Website. If you have consented to the use of cookies, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If certain cookies are refused, Centagon is not aware of the performance and quality of the Website and cannot improve the user experience of the Website.

More information regarding withdrawing or changing your consent, activation, deactivation and deletion of cookies can be found in the instructions via your web browser's help functionality. Links to the various browsers to change cookie settings can be found here. Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies, the Website may not function correctly and some services or some features of the Website may not be available or work smoothly, and you may need to adjust or manually customise certain information or preferences each time you visit the Website.

2. How we may share personal data

In general, we will not share your personal data with entities located outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Personal data may be shared with (group) entities within the European Community. Cookies may be placed by third parties.

Your personal data may be shared with third parties that provide database, server, maintenance, security, marketing or other similar services to us (hereinafter referred to as 'data processors'). If we provide access to your personal data, we require third parties to process the data confidentially and instruct them to process the data only in your best interests. These data processors may be based in countries outside the EEA.

In addition, your personal data may be shared if required by law.

3. How we secure your personal data

Your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was collected unless otherwise required by law. For example, if you delete your account or unsubscribe from communications, we will delete the data unless the data is claimed by law for a purpose other than that described in this statement or these when required by law to be retained by us.

4. When we delete your personal data (periods of storage)

We have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access and against all other forms of unlawful processing.

5. Your rights

We kindly ask you to contact us (details: see below) if you:

  • want to know whether or not we access and process your personal data;
  • wish to amend your personal data;
  • want to delete your personal data;
  • wish to limit your personal data;
  • object to the processing of your personal data; and/or wish us to transfer your personal data to another organisation.

We may require additional information to confirm your identity. We will provide information regarding transactions carried out without undue delay, in any case within one month of receiving the request to do so. This period may be extended by two consecutive months if the complexity of a request and/or the number of requests so requires. If this extension occurs, we will notify you within one month of receiving your request, including the reason for the delay. You have the right to address a complaint to a regulator at any time.

6. Modifications

Our 'Data & Cookie' statement will be updated on a monthly basis. The most recent version is always available at https://centagon.com/en/cookie-declaration.

7. Contact

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints regarding this subject, we kindly request you to contact us by clicking here.

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