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The Selko download center

The challenge

The initial challenge is to bring the existence of the Selko download centre to the attention of the target group. Amid the myriad of applications offered online, thoughtful advertising is crucial to gain the attention sought. Once the potential buyers have been reached, the next challenge is to convince them of the value of the vast resource of information and expertise made available to them online.

The process

An accurate analysis of the target group’s online search behavior is crucial in defining a well-thought-out marketing strategy: which keywords are being searched for, what is their interest and through which channels can a potential buyer be approached in the most effective way. For a smart strategy, even the time of day and the devices people use for their search queries are relevant. Once contact has been made, the ease of use of the application is crucial: the information should be clearly presented, and the documents should be on one's own device within a few clicks without the need for extensive instructions. The documents downloaded should have up-to-date, relevant information and data, obviously in full compliance with the Selko Corporate Guidelines and branding rules.

The results

The Selko download centre is a textbook example of integrated marketing. Here, the importance of the interplay between all communications that make up an online campaign becomes perfectly clear; advertising, strategy, content marketing, (SEO) copywriting, creativity, technology and data analysis together create a well-oiled machine of which no part can be missed. Constant fine-tuning of the campaign takes place through periodic reporting of the results. In consultation with the client, the information that is offered is constantly adjusted and expanded and an assessment is made of how the available marketing budget can be used as efficiently as possible, with the ultimate goal of making a substantial contribution to the intended business success.

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