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Centagon is an online communication design and advertising agency with over 25 years of experience.

Our specialist field is digital marketing transformation. We can develop your digital marketing communications strategy, design an engaging online experience for your customers, and get you the results you’re looking for.

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Centagon specializes in business-to-business communication and has earned the privilege to work with global A-brands in the high-tech, industrial, finance, logistics and pharmaceutical industries.

We know what it takes to connect your marketing campaigns with existing corporate processes. We can help you bridge the gaps between many different CRM, CMS or asset management systems and thus exchange your collected marketing data with the systems you already have in place. 

We can provide you with the creative design flexibility you need to make your online presence stand out, and create a seamless online experience for your customers.

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Sharpening your focus. Achieving your goals

“What’s a digital strategy?” “Why should we need one?” Centagon is frequently asked these questions.

A good digital strategy will identify the channels, channel propositions and channel partners you need to use – based on your customers’ requirements.

Yes, digital marketing starts with your customers. What online channels are they using? Not just today, but tomorrow? Correctly setting up your digital strategy will help you gain insights and understand your online marketplace as it evolves into the future.

At Centagon we can help you build your online strategies. We can connect the processes with the required resources. We will ensure that the media is the means – and not the objective. And we will successfully implement your marketing efforts.

Sharing our expertise. Every step of the way

Overwhelmed by the new marketing landscape?
It’s not surprising. Technology is developing quickly.
Even professionals find it hard to keep up. Many functions are coming together, linking Marketing to Sales to IT – and involving many stakeholders in the process. Corporate guidelines on branding and processes merely increase the challenges.

That’s why you need to spar with an experienced partner. One who can help you understand these typical corporate challenges. One who can give you a better view on the scope and possible solutions – quickly. One who can give you new insights and new opportunities.

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Speaking the same language. With people and computers

‘Lost in translation’ is a frequently heard phrase in the new marketing landscape. It refers to the breakdown of communication between people, and between computer systems. Technologies are extremely diverse, and exchanging your marketing data from one system to another can be as challenging as translating one language to another.

Interacting with computer systems
You need the assurance that your collected marketing data is transferred efficiently into existing processes. You need to know that your data with different protocols can be moved and secured so that it can be interpreted correctly for further use. At Centagon we offer this expertise. We will make sure that your data is shared with marketing or sales environments such as Microsoft Dynamics, Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, ExactTarget ...

Interacting with specialists
New stakeholders are constantly getting involved with your campaigns – getting them up and running online and adapting them quickly when necessary. Amongst them are software programmers, IT security experts and data specialists. All of them are closely interacting with marketing strategists, communication specialists and creative designers. And they all speak their own specialist language.

You need an experienced intermediary to manage this Tower of Babel. We know how to play a variety of roles – facilitator, project manager, developer … – to make your communication and software development processes run smoothly.

New media design. Clear, direct and results-driven

Together with your input we can design astonishing concepts that create an impact.
However, your customers will decide what they respond to and what they ignore. And nowadays we can accurately measure
their response.

The web brings you in touch with your customers directly. But they are not a group of customers with similar needs. They are individuals with personal preferences. Your information therefore needs to address these preferences. Through specific, targeted layout and design. Through concepts that drive conversion, whether this is generating leads or creating sales.

Of course the mix may consist of more communication channels than online. But at all times our concepts will put your online efforts at the heart of your campaign. We will ensure that your audience is directed to the right information. And we will measure the traffic, to identify whether the actions are generating the expected results.

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Analytics that matter. Transparent, insightful and continuously optimized

The web is the most measurable medium ever. Analytics will give you huge amounts of data and traffic. Yet how do you interpret
this data to really understand the results of your efforts?

At Centagon we will help you set up the right analysis for your pages. We will give you dashboards so you can easily monitor the results that are affecting your KPIs. We will write the code so that you can filter your data exactly the way you need it.

Recently, Google Universal Tag manager was released. This makes it easier for you to manage and change the tracking of customer journeys on your site.  Centagon will prepare the first setup so that you can adapt your predefined analysis templates yourself. If you want to take analysis further, we can optimize your provided content for web use and give you different methods to analyze your user results. The focus is always on improving the online journey for your customers.

Once your campaign is up and running you can monitor the results yourself or ask for regular and interpreted visitor updates.

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