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IamFluidics - Corporate story

The challenge

The scientists of IamFluidics invented a revolutionary process technology that fixes many issues for biotech manufacturers that work with live cells. This patented process as well as the patented and custom formulations of IamFluidics also improve the products of pharma, cosmetic and processed food manufacturers. While this high tech scale-up considered the content of their website as suboptimal, there was no approved way to easily explain this process and its benefits or to pitch the services of IamFluidics. That’s why they asked Centagon to write a document that services as a foundation for all external marketing communication.

The process

Because of the technical aspects of this assignment, our copywriter interviewed several team members and did thorough research until she understood all the applications and benefits. She created an extensive general corporate story and a commercial messaging framework for four specific industries.

The result

This 30-page document formed a solid base for the creation of new web structure, web pages, brochures, corporate presentation and social media posts. It also helps new employees get up to speed about the company’s services and the contributions of IamFluidics to a sustainable planet.


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