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Creative studio

Signify - Event Communications

The challenge

‘Trulifi’ by Signify, gives you data connectivity through light. It is a two-way wireless connection that provides consistent high-speed, unique physical security and low latency. This relatively new technology is virtually unknown to the public, which is why Signify attends many trade shows to explain and demonstrate it.

The process

Centagon provides the necessary collateral designs with a combination of text and the necessary visuals to explain Trulifi’s technology at the events. We also take care of the final printing and the reproduction for the events that Signify attends

The result

We make sure that all repro orders are processed quickly, so that they always have enough materials when they need them.


Why Centagon

Full-service agency Centagon has been helping marketing and sales departments get great results with effective, consistent and streamlined marketing communications and design for 32 years. With one-stop-shop Centagon as your trusted partner, you benefit from cost efficiency, streamlined communication and quick turnaround. Centagon Marketing Support offers a full range of marketing services. From devising strategies to planning and executing omnichannel media campaigns, managing digital advertising and optimizing online marketing through data analysis. Scroll on for an overview of our Creative Studio's services.


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Our services

In the last 32 years, we’ve made a habit of digging deep to maximize the impact of visual output. We offer a diverse range of services:

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