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Creative studio

NIBE Energietechniek - Web content

The challenge

NIBE, the market leader in heat pumps in the Netherlands, needs help developing content for campaigns aimed at different target audiences: consumers in the Netherlands, consumers in Belgium, prescribers and installers of heat pumps. Each target audience requires a specific approach. What is their customer journey and what content supports each step of that customer journey?

The process

Before we started developing content, we determined the goal of the campaigns and created buyer personas. This way we know what we want to achieve with the content and how to engage and trigger the target audience. Based on keyword research, we identified relevant themes and topics and created a content plan with content for each stage of the customer journey. Using clear templates and input from NIBE, we develop new content for the different target audiences on a monthly basis. Think of knowledge articles for the campaign website, leaflets, infographics, social posts and content for the Google ads.

The result

Thanks to a well-defined and well-researched process, we are able to effectively generate content that appeals to the target audiences. The right content for the right audience, at the right time. Keyword research and incorporating the keywords in the copy also ensures that we achieve good SEO results in Google. NIBE's visibility score on Google is well above that of its competitors.


Why Centagon

Full-service agency Centagon has been helping marketing and sales departments get great results with effective, consistent and streamlined marketing communications and design for 32 years. With one-stop-shop Centagon as your trusted partner, you benefit from cost efficiency, streamlined communication and quick turnaround. Centagon Marketing Support offers a full range of marketing services. From devising strategies to planning and executing omnichannel media campaigns, managing digital advertising and optimizing online marketing through data analysis. Scroll on for an overview of our Creative Studio's services.


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In the last 32 years, we’ve made a habit of digging deep to maximize the impact of visual output. We offer a diverse range of services:

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