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BENQ - flyer

The challenge

As part of an online campaign, a flyer was developed for the target audience of a specific product line from BenQ: digitalization of learning resources for primary education. In line with the client's existing website, a campaign was developed with Google search ads and LinkedIn posts built to generate leads.

The process

Under the umbrella of the communication concept "Get everything out of tomorrow's classroom," we reached the target audience with broad content about ICT trends in education, ICT policy-making and an inspiring picture of the future. Once arrived at the campaign site, the visitor, if interested, was invited to register. Once that process was complete, the leaflet could be downloaded and a gift was sent by mail. The text for the leaflet was provided in draft form by the client which served as the basis for Centagon's copywriters.

The results

The chosen format meant that the target audience was reached and kept up-to-date while the client's sales force periodically received a list of registered interested parties who could be actively approached.


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