Securely manage your digital marketing

Your digital infrastructure must be flexible yet robust; secure yet accessible; it should work well on every screen. But, most of all, it needs to generate leads for your business.

Full control on your customer journeys within a single platform

As soon as we became involved in digital marketing for B2B businesses, we realised that many tools on the market did not match our customers’ requirements. So we decided to build our own.

Since then we have put together an in-house team of developers who have established a software platform for marketing automation. This gives you all the structure, control and flexibility you need to apply digital marketing without losing control of that what matters most: your data.

All the functionality you need

The Centagon marketing automation platform lets you intuitively design your content. It takes care of flexible registration processes. Accommodates personalised content and email dialogues. Manages your campaigns and mass mailings. Automates response and engagement mechanisms with a graphic journey builder mechanism. And much more.

In addition, the platform’s features are updated continuously so you can better address your business challenges.

In short, we’ll make sure your marketing content is designed, built and tagged for effective results. We will also interface it to the processes your organization uses, such as industry-standard CRM systems. Ultimately, we’re not building your website, but rather providing you with an instrument for effective lead generation.

Centagon's out-of-the-box marketing automation modules

  • Content management
  • Landing page management
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Business blogging
  • SEO tools
  • Email marketing platform
  • Audience list management
  • Prospect identification
  • Lead tracking

What you can expect from us

All the functionality you require for state-of-the-art integrated marketing. From content management and design to managing your registration flows. From building an automated customer journey to managing your mail dialogues. And from managing personalised content and progressive profile management to exchanging customer data with your existing sales CRM.

Manage your content, dialogue automation, bulk mailing, profile enrichment within a single environment
Secured data management according to GDPR policies and CRM integration
Simple intuitive control over your marketing automation processes

A single platform with 4 key functionalities to guarantee complete control of your marketing

There are literally thousands of tools that can be applied to achieve integrated marketing. Getting them all aligned to ensure control over your customer dialogue can be quite a challenge. We have integrated the 4 essential functionalities in the Centagon Marketing Automation platform that are necessary to control your content, mail and customer journeys. Plus manage and exchange your customer data securely with your existing sales tools.

Content management with the flexibility for designers

Intuitive marketing automation for personalised engagement

Secured lead nurturing and profile qualification open for CRM exchange

Bulk and dialogue mail management

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International campaigns

Performing keyword tests in various countries and languages requires a local expertise of the market. Legislation is different per country so your central concept may also require a regional approach. And of course sales engagement and distribution require regional interactions.

Simply stated, you need a regional execution in every country.


customer groups

When your marketing strategy applies a strict segmentation in product, geographical or brand approach we frequently see that a lot of keyword findings apply for all, despite of the apparent split-up of marcom focus.

We always work based on your guidance and focus our research to this area of need.



The insights we receive from keyword research are often the input for a proof-of-concept phase. This phase consists of an Google advertising (Adwords campaign) being launced in one market.

The data is used for benchmarking and conversion measurement and is the input for an integral approach of advertising, content marketing and SEO.

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