Our Work

Proof of concept is the best reason to believe. Here is a selection of some of the projects we have built for our clients. Selecting one of the brands below will automatically filter the results for you...

Sloten Sprayfo online calculation tool – How to support your customers in a complex transition process

As part of a new government directive to be introduced in April 2015, the milk quota will be scrapped and the manure quota will take precedence. An integrated rearing programme for optimal herd composition is crucial. Sloten, manufacturer of Sprayfo calf milk powder asked Centagon developed an online calculation tool that supports dairy farmers in this transition.

Nutreco - Farm-O-San Reviva awareness campaign

What’s the best way to renew interest in an existing product? Farm-O-San Reviva, a subsidiary of the Dutch company, Trouw Nutrition, launched a new campaign in which the landing page plays a crucial role.