A multidisciplinary approach to brand development and design

After having successfully developed their new brand identity, Nexperia was ready to start the challenging process of building the brand. Centagon was there to offer strategic, creative and hands-on support to help Nexperia gain a strong market position.

Introducing a new brand

Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs devices. They are a new company with a long history, broad experience and a global customer base. Originally part of Philips, Nexperia became a business unit of NXP before becoming an independent company in the beginning of 2017.

Although this was a great start to the year for Nexperia, the challenges that lay ahead during that startup phase were also considerable. Becoming independent means rebuilding your brand mostly from scratch and also in a very short space of time. Something which required a huge push of communication materials, branding activities and dedication in order to ensure business continuity, create a renewed visibility in the market and to drive the brand for years to come.

Post-launch focus

The emphasis of a rebranding process is often placed on the initial step of designing a new identity. This first phase is undoubtedly very important and highly exciting too, but also represents just a small portion of an effective rebranding process. What happens in the days, weeks and months after the launch, as the demand in communication materials rapidly surges, is what truly defines the brand experience. Getting it right the first time is therefore crucial, so every detail matters. This post-launch focus requires a strong understanding of the process of branding as well as a keen eye on design.

A platform for integrated marketing

The added value that a well-crafted portfolio of printed and digital communication assets can offer is often undervalued. Yet, it is these assets which form the foundation of your business activities and which gives clear direction and provides the tools to plan and conduct efficient engagement activities. To get it right from day one, Centagon helped set up the brand guidelines and also developed a broad range of templates to ensure consistency would be maintained. To not just build the brand, but also to build a solid asset platform for all future (digital) marketing activities and channels.

Driving the brand

With the guidelines and templates in place, Centagon was able to quickly deliver the communication assets which were required to push and drive the brand forward. This production process resulted in a steady stream of new materials, including white papers to data sheets, product guides, brochures, PowerPoint presentation, HTML newsletters, roll-up banners, building signage, give-aways, posters, videos and much more.

Nexperia went on to receive the prestigious Red Dot Design Communication Award for their brand identity later that year. A great achievement and fantastic start to the new company.

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