A multidisciplinary approach to brand development and design

After having successfully developed their new brand identity, Nexperia was ready to start the challenging process of building the brand. Centagon was there to offer strategic, creative and hands-on support to help Nexperia gain a strong market position.

Creating an effective ‘Royal’ brand

Royal Dutch Kusters: a name which already explains a historic and unprecedented family of entrepreneurs for well over 100 years.

With changing market activities, Centagon was asked to complete an on-going re-branding process for the company. The process included the rebranding of core well-known visual elements of the Royal Dutch Kusters brand, and finally led to the creation of effective marketing and sales-supportive assets.

During the initial repositioning process, Royal Dutch Kusters provided updated housestyle guidelines, without the actual design methodology and templating needed to incorporate the new Royal Dutch Kusters corporate brand feeling in their sales and marketing assets.

Centagon created a updated visual styling as a solid basis for asset production, as well as a new proposition and campaign for the introduction of a completely new product within the Royal Dutch Kusters brand.

Translating housestyle guidelines towards effective communication materials

With the design team in place, the newly designed branding guidelines were incorporated into marketing and sales materials to effectively support the sales team of Royal Dutch Kusters. With these new assets Royal Dutch Kusters introduced a new product aimed at the domestic waste management sector; the Organic Liquefying Press (O.L.P).

Additionally, Centagon worked on in-depth content creation to support the Kusters O.L.P. introduction during IFAT 2018. Sector-specific UK copy was created by Centagon copywriters, specifically focussing on trending topics within the waste management industry, to maximize the message effectiveness next to the new design. Together with Kusters, Centagon has developed new 'Royal Dutch' design and effective messaging to promote the product and engage with new potential customers.

Design execution focussed on the end-customer

As a technical company by nature, there is a natural interest in presenting a technical oriented marketing and communication look and feel. Centagon helped the Royal Dutch Kusters team to combine corporate design and technical copy in the most effective ratio. With the design that has been implemented the added value Royal Dutch Kusters offers is much more aligned with global trends focussing on complete waste management solutions, in contrary to technical or product-focussed copy or branding based on the raw look of machines, presses and metals.

As a result Centagon and Kusters moved towards integrated marketing tactics to lead design and photography style of the 'Royal Dutch Brand'.

Almost 90% of tradeshow visitors opt for...

The key visual that was selected in the promotional materials. Based on creating insights into the problem of domestic waste management, with the OLP from Royal Dutch Kusters being a part of the solution.

In a guided test, over 90% opted for the brochure with the ‘challenge’ photography as being the most attractive.

Being said, the start of a new brand is the moment in which you should rely on strong partners, for branding and marketing results.

Developing the proposition with 'online' in mind

By looking into the target audience, Centagon developed a new proposition for the Smart Waste Management, or Domestic Waste Management segment. Combining these worldwide trends within the target group, the product-specific benefits and the values of Royal Dutch Kusters a new positioning key message for the O.L.P. was created: Smart Organic Waste Segregation.

This approach is what we call a ‘challenged-based’ positioning. An approach in which we let customer data be the main input for the proposition development, based on keyword and search trend research.

The benefit? Potential customers will find the product on Google easier, as SEO can be implemented on the products' webpage without the hassle of rewriting all content.

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