Integrated marketing is the best way to fuel sales

Most marketing teams know how to generate marketing qualified leads, applying long-term strategies to define their target audience. In contrast, sales teams are often focused on short-term objectives and quarterly key performance indicators.

Marketing and sales need to work together

Unfortunately, sometimes neither marketing nor sales seems eager to acknowledge the contribution the other team makes in generating leads that become customers. As over 90% of B2B customers gather information online before ever contacting a sales representative, this disconnect can easily turn into a problem.

Collaboration is essential to ensure that people receive relevant information at the right time. You will need to understand exactly what they are looking for online, and be able to differentiate between first-time and returning visitors to your website. Only then you will be able to influence and develop the relationship so they become prospects.

Marketing and sales should then have shared responsibilities in guiding prospects into the next level of the sales funnel. To ensure the sales teams pick up those leads correctly, the prospect needs to be properly defined. Integrated marketing is therefore truly a combined effort.

Bring Marketing & Sales together

Centagon can facilitate workshops together with your Marketing and Sales teams to build these lead scoring criteria and how to connect them to the marketing automation processes. In this process we help your teams identify when a lead is an accepted sales lead and when a lead can be transformed to a Sales qualified lead. These Lead definitions are crucial for your marketing strategies because they will help you identify how your content influences the scoring models.

Experienced from working with international B2B companies

This type of work requires specialists expertise in Marketing Automation systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform experience with tools like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

We can share this expertise with you and help you make a faster transformation into digital marketing.

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Bring marketing & sales together

We facilitate workshops in which your marketing and sales teams learn how to connect lead-scoring criteria to the marketing automation processes. We help your teams, for example, make the distinction between an accepted sales lead and a sales-qualified lead. These definitions are crucial for your marketing strategy, because they allow you to identify how your content influences outcomes.

Experience with international B2B companies

This type of work requires expertise in marketing automation systems, as well as in customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

We can share the knowledge and experience we have built up in these areas, working with numerous international B2B companies, so you can accelerate your transformation into digital marketing.


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What's your goal?

Through practical, international business cases we help you kick-off or optimise your digital marketing processes. Select a challenge and discover how we can, together, achieve next-level results in integrated marketing.

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Integrated marketing is the best way to fuel sales

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Visualize the benefits of digital marketing for sales

Calling on many years of practical experience, our digital strategy experts are ready to help you address any challenges you have in online traffic and lead generation.

Together with you, they will inspire our creatives to create a distinctive online presence with one goal only: converting leads into sales.

Contact us to see how this is done using our unique, self-developed marketing automation tools.

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