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Even with the best intentions, knowledge and plans, it is hard to predict the exact outcome of SEO efforts. The landscape is in a constant state of flux, not least because the search engine algorithms change over time.

Closely monitoring rankings, visibility and organic traffic in order to deploy new tactics and grasp any passing opportunities is therefore essential. As is keeping an eye on your competitor activity.

In addition, you have to make sure your own house is in order. Monitoring your website crawl errors, indexation of pages and speed should be carried out on an ongoing basis.

What you can expect from us

We deliver a complete SEO strategy that will keep levels of relevant traffic high. You receive detailed monthly insights on your performance.

Insights into how your audience searches and what topics lead to conversion
Technical optimisation for search engines and PR link opportunities
Your rankings will improve and relevant website traffic will grow

Optimise your website for search engines in five steps

Through data tools and services such as Google, social channels and/or key influencers within your market, we help you understand how potential customers are searching the web and how your competitors engage online. We generate insights based on data - locally, nationally or globally - segmented to match the various audiences you address. This helps you build a solid, fact-based foundation for your communication activities.

Kickoff session to get insights from your business

Keyword Research for optimal website structure

Technical analysis for optimal website crawlability of search engines

Domain authority analysis and link earning plan

Monitor and optimise SEO status based on data insights

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MoZ site crawl overview

Moz is a great tool to monitor overall website health, as it crawls the website in search for Content issues, Metadata issues, Redirect issues, Crawler warning and Critical crawler issues. All issues are prioritised and shown in a cumulative line chart. Detailed reports on the crawl, which is executed once a week, can be exported.

B2B Keyword analysis

Keywords are used by everyone, every day and for almost any challenge. These keywords, are the words we use to communicate, make ourselves understood and give away our intentions to learn, share or convert. Using keywords as the basis of your digital strategy is undisputedly the best way to ensure you reach your potential customers and bring your services under their attention.

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Content marketing

Telling a compelling story about your products and services, referred to as product marketing, can already be quite a challenge. And introducing new products or services with the use of campaign bursts during industry events, referred to as campaign marketing, often consume all of your focus and budgets. So it's understandable that the gap in-between these two types of marketing is often overlooked.

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Once the whole process of identifying your goals and building the assets and information is completed a campaign release plan is constructed.

Every call to action, every download, every important step in consuming the information is tagged with various analytics tools to ensure that the information can be measured in such a way that it will help to provide the insights for results you need.

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