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To generate the highest possible return on ad spending you need smart, focused advertising plans.

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What’s your go-to resource for information and solutions?

Quite likely, the answer is Google. It is for 71% of companies. Yet two-thirds of these companies won't even reach the sixth listing on the search engine results page (SERP)! Acquiring a top-5 position is therefore a big deal. Especially if you offer exactly what someone is looking for.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) allows you to ensure a top position for the issues you can address directly. It's used to boost brand awareness, generate traffic and drive conversion on your website.

What you can expect from us

We deliver a data-driven, sales-oriented SEA strategy and implementation. The direct benefits of working with our team are:

Excellent efficiency in allocating budgets to achieve return on ad spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI)
Campaigns and ads for all campaign types (e.g. search, display, video and remarketing)
Monitoring, campaign performance reports and optimisation actions

Get the most out of your ad spend in six simple steps

Through data tools and services such as Google, social channels and/or key influencers within your market, we help you understand how potential customers are searching the web and how your competitors engage online. We generate insights based on data - locally, nationally or globally - segmented to match the various audiences you address. This helps you build a solid, fact-based foundation for your communication activities.

Kickoff session to get insights from your business

Keyword Research for optimal campaign structure

Create advertising strategy, planning and budget allocation

Build and launch advertising campaigns

Monitor and optimise advertising campaigns

Create a short list with relevant keyword suggestions, groups and quick wins

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International campaigns

Performing keyword tests in various countries and languages requires a local expertise of the market. Legislation is different per country so your central concept may also require a regional approach. And of course sales engagement and distribution require regional interactions.

Simply stated, you need a regional execution in every country.


customer groups

When your marketing strategy applies a strict segmentation in product, geographical or brand approach we frequently see that a lot of keyword findings apply for all, despite of the apparent split-up of marcom focus.

We always work based on your guidance and focus our research to this area of need.



The insights we receive from keyword research are often the input for a proof-of-concept phase. This phase consists of an Google advertising (Adwords campaign) being launced in one market.

The data is used for benchmarking and conversion measurement and is the input for an integral approach of advertising, content marketing and SEO.

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