Results rarely come from a single source

Infographics are a great way of quickly presenting results. Huge amounts of data from different sources can be shown in a way that leaves no room for misinterpretation. The challenge is to show multiple infographics in a single, dynamic overview.

Informed choices based upon solid insights

Of course, having data is not the same as understanding it. Our dashboards and analytical tools will further improve the insights for you and your organization as time goes on. You’ll be on top of your high-level KPIs, and plenty other indicators as well.

You then have rock-solid data for informing key decisions: should you keep using that Twitter channel or ditch it? Increase the budget for remarketing ads or invest more in display? Every informed choice you make will drive better results.

The simpler your results look, the more work has gone into it

Making data representation simple and combining large amounts of data in such a way that they can be easily interpreted the right way is a specialist job indeed.

The internet is an ocean of data with technologies that can best be compared with all the human languages in the world. Collecting behavioural data from various channels and processes and combining them into a single graphic that is updated live is a true challenge but at the same time very necessary to keep track of your achievements.

What you can expect from us

Graphic representations that will convince your internal stakeholders of your daily achievements. We combine raw data sources from multiple channels to produce easy-to-interpret displays on Klipfolio dashboards.

Clear representations in Klipfolio dashboards of all KPI data
Management dashboards with tested and verified SEM result overviews
Combined representations of various results from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, social media and internal data

Live insights drive the engagement of international teams

Performance dashboards are often used to update management on KPI results from internal and external sources. The hunt for data to power these insights has become a crucial part of conducting daily business.

Presenting this data live to international marketing and sales teams also has a positive result on engagement. Live graphic results motivate stakeholders to take action much faster than before, ensuring that they meet the objectives agreed at the beginning of the program.

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