Forecast your advertising returns

We evaluate your expectations for every asset and channel in your marketing mix. Where does it lead? What is the expected performance? And more importantly: what to do if it performs worse than expected?

A calculated approach to expected results

It’s a common misunderstanding to think that any digital asset (whether it is a display banner or a website) is ever finished once it is live. In reality, 'finishing' the asset for release is only the beginning of its lifespan.

Our activation process reviews your goals, your assets, the connected channels and the metrics to visualise your performance on graphic dashboards in real time. We collect measurable goals, sales incentives, traffic requirements, channel selections and content planning in a single activation document.

This document serves as a central reference for monitoring, and allows you to maintain focus. Central to this document is the conversion waterfall, which connects business KPIs to traffic requirements. By identifying the interactions that will turn a lead into a customer, this model estimates conversion rates on-the-fly, and provides real-time insights on the performance.

What you can expect from us

Full commitment to have everything checked before launch. Every metric and tag will be in place.

A calculated plan for traffic performance per channel and a detailed tag plan
Daily-updated dashboards and campaigns analysed weekly on KPI performance
Monthly reports on optimisation opportunities

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Optimised international campaign management

Calling on many years of practical experience, our digital strategy experts are ready to help you address any challenges you have in online traffic and lead generation.

Together with you, they will inspire our creatives to create a distinctive online presence with one goal only: converting leads into sales.

Contact us to see how this is done using our unique, self-developed marketing automation tools.

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