Keep providing the right answers until your customer believes it's time to engage

As a digital marketer it's your responsibility to deliver relevant content at exactly the right time and stage of the customer journey. You should always be prepared for the next step, regardless of which direction it’s taken in.

Find the right balance between actionable and editorial content

Telling a compelling story about your products and services, referred to as product marketing, is already quite a challenge. On top of that, introducing new products or services through campaign marketing often consumes much of the available focus and budget. The gap between these two approaches is often overlooked.

Creating informative content with a clear purpose will help you improve rankings in search engines, increase social engagement and make lead development processes more transparent. Ultimately, it will lead to more business.

Content marketing requires the expertise of editorial copywriters. These specialists are storytellers whose main goal is to inspire their audience to keep reading. In doing this, they look for the right balance between inspirational, relevant editorial content and actionable commercial content that pulls customers closer to a conversion. Essentially they help answer two key questions:

  • How will your audience find your story?
  • How do you want them to engage with you?

What you can expect from us

A structured approach to developing goal-driven and relevant content for segmented audiences based upon robust insights. Our in-house copywriting team develops in-depth content, saturated with proven keywords and designed to generate leads. This content can also be deployed in multiple languages.

We research your industry and competitive positioning and define the customer journey for your audience groups
We generate relevant content with the right amount of tested industry keywords so you can generate more leads
We release the content according to prepared monitoring requirements and deliver result monitoring with the use of dashboards

Get your B2B content marketing process up and running in four simple steps

Too often, content formats are selected as a goal. Sure, a format such as a blog or a press release will provide guidelines as to what kind of content needs to be written. But the only goal should be the engagement you want to achieve with your visitor, not the release of a document.

There are many different types of content. You can generate ‘lightweight’ items such as blog posts, articles, press releases or case studies. These are suitable for keyword saturation and actionable triggers. ‘Heavyweight’ content like white papers, e-books and assessment reports often use other digital formats (e.g. PDFs) suitable for downloading and offline reading. All content can be matched to where your (potential) customer is on their journey. Our 4-step process ensures your content is developed to generate measurable results.

Identify the right audience groups and volume. Learn how they engage with your website, how they find your existing content and which particular content is most relevant to them. Set your objectives.

Conduct research, test topic relevancy, interview your specialists and define calls-to-action.

Tag content according to lead nurturing requirements and goals. Activate triggers in Social channels. Activate traffic in other channels if appropriate.

Track activity and results. Optimise continuously to meet objectives.

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Highly engaging content

Centagon is supporting international marketing teams for over 25 years. Working with international customers that understand the challenges of delivering inspirational and engaging content for engineers in various industry segments. In-depth editorial content production requires knowledgeable copy writers that know the industry they write for. Centagon offers an in-house team of English copy writers that are skilled in various industries. Project management for content production is closely coordinated with SEO and Social specialists.

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Reality check
at every stage

To ensure a successful release of content with a guaranteed return on investment, Centagon applies 3 production guidelines.

Topic recommendation
to analyse the goals and audience and to identify whether the selected topics will deliver the results aimed for.

Content production
that identifies the position in the customer journey for the content that is needed, and contains the objectives and keyword integration.

Release guidance
to ensure no data monitoring is overlooked during the release of the content and that the continuation of the customer journey to the next level is guaranteed.

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Translated, localised and controlled release

International content production requires a specific specialism and dedicated production process to ensure a successful translated release. The selected industry keywords in English are interpreted, translated and tested locally before they are being used in the actual translated content.

The results monitoring is often centralised in order to study the visitor engagement differences per country. Learn more about centralised or decentralised international campaign management.

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