Design for maximum performance and engagement

Consistent recognition can only be achieved by designs that are compliant with both brand and quality standards.

Effective communication across every phase of the customer journey

Whether it’s a video, a sales presentation or a booth at an event, every brand-related design needs to radiate the promise and mission of your company. Not just to push the brand and improve recognition, but also to generate interest and to steer your audience into the right direction.

The importance of brand consistency in marketing, however, is still often overlooked. With communication channels becoming extremely diverse and fragmented, being able to maintain a consistent brand has become an increasingly important aspect in building a sustainable relationship with your audience.

Centagon design services

  • Creative strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Graphic design
  • Video
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Professional Presentation techniques

What you can expect from us

A strategic design approach to developing a broad range of communication assets that will seamlessly fit in with your marketing processes. Our in-house design studio works closely with our digital marketing experts to drive maximum performance.

Communication design that generates meaningful visibility
In-house expertise on every phase of integrated marketing ensures maximum efficiency
Corporate design quality standards and brand compliance

Persuasive design in six simple steps

Whether you are looking for a creative umbrella concept or just a single communication asset, Centagon offers various services across the creative spectrum. Our in-house design and video studio enables us to efficiently create consistent, high-quality campaign content, ranging from leaflets and brochures to videos, user experience web design and apps.

Creative brainstorm to get the business insights

Conceptual design proposal and tactics approach

Keyword based messaging outline and design proposals

Creative copywriting for SEO content

Photography, Illustration development and raw footage for video production

Produce the individual creative assets for the campaign

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Introducing a new brand

The emphasis of a rebranding process is often placed on the initial step of designing a new identity. This first phase is undoubtedly very important and highly exciting too, but also represents just a small portion of an effective rebranding process. What happens in the days, weeks and months after the launch, as the demand in communication materials rapidly surges, is what truly defines the brand experience. Getting it right the first time is therefore crucial.

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The essence of
brand consistency

A successful global brand strategy can only be achieved when all individual product brands are aligned. This can be a challenging process, particularly when the individual brands have a long running single-brand history. This type of transformation therefore requires sensitive diplomacy to gain trust with internal stakeholders before you can start the process of creating a global turnaround.

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Result driven

Whether it’s a video, a sales presentation or a booth at an event, every brand-related asset you produce needs to radiate the promise and mission of your company. The true value of corporate branding guidelines lies in their application.

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