Know what your customers are looking for

Keyword research will provide you the necessary insights for transforming the digital side of your business. Basically your customers will tell you what they are looking for!

Understand your market better through keyword insights

Virtually everyone who spends time online uses keywords every day. They are the words people choose to communicate, search, learn and express their intentions. Using keywords as the basis of your digital strategy is undisputedly the best way to ensure you reach your potential customers and bring your services to their attention.

What you can expect from us

Our keyword analysis forms the basis of your integrated digital marketing strategy. It provides:

Insights into quick wins that can kick-start your online marketing strategy
Fact-based, competitive benchmarking information
Valuable data that drives tactics as well as performance management

Valuable customer insights in six simple steps

Through data tools and services such as Google, social channels and/or key influencers within your market, we help you understand how potential customers are searching the web and how your competitors engage online. We generate insights based on data - locally, nationally or globally - segmented to match the various audiences you address. This helps you build a solid, fact-based foundation for your communication activities.

Identify keywords you currently use

Benchmark search volume and current rankings

Cluster keywords and potential

Compare competitive information

Identify opportunities in keywords suggested by third-party data sources

Create a short list with relevant keyword suggestions, groups and quick wins

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Delivering quality traffic.
The 360 degree keyword research approach

Unique in our approach is that we bring you a 360 degree keyword analysis. Insights from your existing website, the strategy of your competitors and market used keywords used by your target audience you might be missing will give you a deeper understanding of the market and your online performance today.

Additionally we measure all the keywords' rankings in Google for your business and compare it with your competitors. This way we can create an ideal benchmark and create a SEO strategy related to your products, solutions or services.

Of course our team is Google Certified and will always apply a business focused strategy when performing research or consultancy-related services for your business.

Only 2 weeks to increase traffic and get your first results

When the keyword and competitive results are shared with your teams, we often propose to go for the quick-wins; keywords that offer a great potential to achieve either one of three important key KPI's:

  1. Better quality of traffic
  2. Better conversion on the page
  3. Identify the position of the keyword in the customer journey

Why? When we can prove that a data-driven approach to generate new traffic results in a higher quality conversion and better insights within two weeks, we are convinced that you will allow us to support you further in your digital transformation and improve your results continuously.

After all, your success is measured in revenue

International campaigns

Performing keyword tests in various countries and languages requires a local expertise of the market. Legislation is different per country so your central concept may also require a regional approach. And of course sales engagement and distribution require regional interactions.

Simply stated, you need a regional execution in every country.


customer groups

When your marketing strategy applies a strict segmentation in product, geographical or brand approach we frequently see that a lot of keyword findings apply for all, despite of the apparent split-up of marcom focus.

We always work based on your guidance and focus our research to this area of need.



The insights we receive from keyword research are often the input for a proof-of-concept phase. This phase consists of an Google advertising (Adwords campaign) being launced in one market.

The data is used for benchmarking and conversion measurement and is the input for an integral approach of advertising, content marketing and SEO.

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