Lead generation and qualification

What makes a lead fit or unfit for sales?

A "good" sales lead displays a distinct purchase readiness and has provided enough information about himself to be followed up by a sales representative. In the case of a "bad' sales lead, at least one of these criteria will be absent and sales will be justified not to follow them up.

The better sales lead arises when sales and marketing have integrated their processes in such a way that they are perfectly aligned and every sales lead meets clear requirements. This ensures every lead can be followed up immediately with high chances of success.

At Centagon, we guide our customers to better sales lead generation in seven steps. This happens on a strategic, tactical and operational level.


  • workshops and design sprints for marketing and sales
  • market and marketing research
  • development of objectives and strategic plans
  • aligning stakeholders within the organisation
  • partnerships and long-term strategic support


  • development of integrated tactics for marketing and communications
  • the creation of 'buyer personas' and lead (qualification) profiles
  • the selection of the right channels and deployment of advertising campaigns
  • the implementation of marketing automation


  • website and campaign development (as platforms for lead generation)
  • production of persuasive content and advertising assets
  • traffic and lead generation
  • monitoring, data analysis and reporting on strategic and operational levels
  • lead qualification and sales integration (e.g. CRM connection)

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