Delivering customers to your business

To create a successful online marketing strategy, you must first understand where, when and how your audience interacts with you. Which keywords are most common to your audience? How do you perform on social media? What inspires your customers to engage?

A digital strategy is the essential start of every successful project

Your business objectives drive the focus for your marketing. That is why we will never lose sight of them throughout the entire development process of integrated marketing.

Many specialists are needed to turn a relevant communications concept into tangible results. Keeping the end goal in sight is not everyone's priority, so a helicopter view is needed to not get lost in operational execution.

Our commitment is to make marketing a valuable contributor to your business growth. This requires a structured and controlled way of working, keeping all specialists focused to construct the best possible results.

We put you in control - all the way from the initial creative and conceptual ideas to the moment your customers start interacting with your website.

Centagon think_ services

B2B Keyword research

Generate the insights you need to transform the digital conversion of your business. Your customers will tell you what they are looking for!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Creating organic results may seem simple, but actually it’s a difficult process. Staying up-to-date on technology is a full-time job if you want to achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage.

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Growing your business through integrated marketing means applying your digital strategy at all times.

A strategic kick-off session with stakeholders from both sales and marketing will get your internal stakeholders aligned and allow them to experience the value of digital marketing. It will also deliver the insights to build a performance-driven strategy. Only when your business objectives are crystal clear will we start focusing on specific tactics and channels.

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What's your challenge?

To create an online marketing strategy, you must know what the current state of online is related to your company. You can go in depth and apply maturity models to identify your status. But a quick way to start is to perform a scan on your rankings and find out if your online offering is matching your customers search queries?

Centagon offers services that provide answers for these kind of challenges. Learn more by selecting your challenge.

More sales leads

Measurable lead generation can only be sustained with thorough planning and a completely integrated approach.

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Controlled customer journey

If you want your customers to be able to find you anywhere, anytime, you need to be exactly where they would expect you to be.

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Increase traffic

Traffic generation only has value if it consists of relevant visitors looking for the information and solutions you’re offering.

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Better engagement

Personalized content has become the standard already

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Better insights

Focused and integrated campaigns with clear marketing results will help you to convince all stakeholders involved.

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More effective content

For your audience to find your solutions, you’ll have to know their question first.

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Result driven design

Results design your look and feel more than out-of-the-box creativity.

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Stronger brand

The strength, memorability and presence of your brand depends on the right balance between brand strategy, creativity and consistency.

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Better search results

How do I rank compared with other service providers in my market?

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How we work:
Four essential categories for generating results

Calling on over two decades’ experience in international B2B marketing and communications, we’ve modelled our services into four categories so you can meet the ever-evolving challenges of digital marketing. Our fully-controlled process covers;

At the same time, we’ll get your team up to speed on the very specific demands of this dynamic new marketing landscape.

Visualize the benefits of digital marketing for sales

Calling on many years of practical experience, our digital strategy experts are ready to help you address any challenges you have in online traffic and lead generation.

Together with you, they will inspire our creatives to create a distinctive online presence with one goal only: converting leads into sales.

Contact us to see how this is done using our unique, self-developed marketing automation tools.

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