Making your content work for you

It’s said that content is king, but that’s not always true; too often it’s created without any strategic intent. Actually you should always consider how each individual piece contributes to your overall objectives.

Convincing a prospect doesn't happen in a single interaction. You generally have to persuade them through a phased approach. Goal-driven content, in a variety of formats, helps guide them gradually from relevant insights to the solution you are offering.

And, in the digital domain, an article is much more than just a good story. The surrounding framework of meta-data is just as important to ensure your story is found and then guides your visitors to take the right steps back and forth in the conversion funnel.

To ensure that your visitors are guided into the directions you want, technology also comes into place. Building customer journeys in an intuitive way helps to effectively manage complex personalization processes.

Centagon build_ services

Brand design

With communication channels becoming extremely diverse, maintaining a consistent brand has become an increasingly important aspect in building a sustainable relationship with your audience.

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Content marketing

As a digital marketer it's your responsibility to deliver relevant content at exactly the right time and point in the customer journey. But what's the best way of knowing that you succeeded.

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Marketing automation

Our marketing automation tools empower you to securely collect, manage, learn and engage with your customers.

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How we work:
Four essential categories for generating results

Calling on over two decades’ experience in international B2B marketing and communications, we’ve modelled our services into four categories so you can meet the ever-evolving challenges of digital marketing. Our fully-controlled process covers;

At the same time, we’ll get your team up to speed on the very specific demands of this dynamic new marketing landscape.

What's your goal?

Through practical, international business cases we help you kick-off or optimise your digital marketing processes. Select a challenge and discover how we can, together, achieve next-level results in integrated marketing.

Increased sales leads

Integrated marketing is the best way to fuel sales

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Better insights

Focused and integrated campaigns with clear marketing results will help you to convince every stakeholder involved.

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Deeper engagement

Web technology has matured in such a way that this approach is commonplace today.

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More effective content

Extensive keyword and social media analysis will provide insights about the search and social behaviour of your target audience, allowing you to create relevant, effective content.

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Consistent customer journey

If you want your customers to find you, you need to be exactly where they expect - offering the information they need.

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Stronger on-line brand presence

The strength, memorability and presence of your brand depends on the right balance between brand strategy, creativity and consistency.

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Improved search results

You're not the only company who wants to top Google’s search list

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Result-driven design

Your audience and the way they engage will decide what really works and what doesn’t.

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Greater website traffic

Traffic generation only has value if it brings relevant visitors looking for the information and solutions you’re offering.

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Visualize the benefits of digital marketing for sales

Calling on many years of practical experience, our digital strategy experts are ready to help you address any challenges you have in online traffic and lead generation.

Together with you, they will inspire our creatives to create a distinctive online presence with one goal only: converting leads into sales.

Contact us to see how this is done using our unique, self-developed marketing automation tools.

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Content & infrastructure

Marketing automation

Our tools empower you to securely collect, manage, learn and interact with your customer data.

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Content marketing

What you don't see is just as important as what you do see!

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Lead profiling

Safely manage and prepare your leads to ensure quality actions for sales

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Persuasive design

your visitor will decide which design really works.

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