The essence of visible brand consistency

Like so many other multinational companies, Trouw Nutrition is home to multiple distinct product brands. Building up a relationship with global end-users can become challenging when you have such a diverse brand portfolio. Trouw Nutrition made the decision to align their brand portfolio to strengthen their global brand equity.

Why it is essential to position product brands consistently

A successful global brand strategy can only be achieved when all individual product brands are aligned. This can be a challenging process, particularly when the individual brands have a long running single-brand history. This type of transformation therefore requires sensitive diplomacy to gain trust with internal stakeholders before you can start the process of creating a global turnaround.

Despite the complexity involved in managing this type of process, the end result will prove to be worth it. A consistent brand architecture will help your company to maximize global brand recognition, build up a relationship with your end-users and as a result it will strengthen your market position and increase profitability. Consistency will also help you strengthen your online positioning and prevent end-users from mistakenly perceiving your individual brands as competitors. Managing your online campaigns and brand exposure will become easier and more efficient as a result of aligning the product groups.

Managing large scale rebranding operations

Even when all stakeholders agree with starting up a global brand alignment process, it can be difficult to see the brand that you have been representing for years fitted into a uniform template and perhaps losing the visual elements that you (and your customers) became so familiar with.

Together with Trouw Nutrition, Centagon set up a step-by-step process to guide all stakeholders through the alignment process and to generate buy-in across the organization. Thorough research and solid arguments have also proven to be crucial components to support this process.

Strengthening the visual connection

In order to create a strong framework for further product brand alignment, Centagon first analyzed and optimized the individual product brand color palettes and merged these with the current company brand color palette. This resulted in a single and consistent color palette that worked for all brands without particularly affecting their current identity. Including this fundamental step helped to achieve a more efficient and consistent approach during the next phases of the alignment process.

Following the alignment of the color palette, Centagon developed a series of design solutions to create a consistent look-and-feel across all communication materials. The final range resulted in a set of templates and guidelines which were also developed by Centagon.

The end result was a clear, appealing and distinctive brand look & feel that helped to unify the brand identity across the entire Trouw Nutrition portfolio.

Creating a consistent story

Design is of course only one part of the process, creating a consistent story is the other. As a global company you want to spread the same brand message to all customers. Centagon therefore also developed a mother story and an elevator pitch as a basis for creating other materials such as the Trouw Nutrition corporate brochure and corporate presentation.

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