Creating results in a multi-channel campaign

If you have the right marketing platform in place, the return on investment for an integrated campaign can be significant: but a strong objective-focused approach is the only key to success.

The results

Test license requests for CycloMedia GlobeSpotter in the campaign's 7-week timespan

Running an integrated campaign means triggering all-inclusive, controlled engagement. Using a selective arsenal of channels, the NederlandObliek campaign was able to generate significant results on a relatively modest budget, directly contributing to CycloMedia’s sales objectives.



Keyword research
Data analysis
Strategy development


Content optimisation
Web development
Search advertising
Social advertising



The goal

Being a hardly promoted product in a competitive market, the aerial photography of NederlandObliek needed a sales boost in the final quarter of 2016. The campaign’s goal was to convert both existing customers who had not yet added NederlandObliek to their contract, as well as to reach a new audience not yet familiar with CycloMedia at all.

The NederlandObliek campaign calendar

Unsurprisingly, the campaign’s challenge lay in providing the right audience with the right content: NederlandObliek’s strengths are different for CycloMedia’s governmental customers than they are for the corporate ones. And whereas existing customers were able to freely receive instant access to the product through a software license they were already using, prospects could gain access only by actively requesting a free test license, meaning the messaging and calls-to-action were not the same for every group.

The solution

Several channels were activated for the NederlandObliek campaign. At launch, existing customers were engaged and incentivised with a direct email, offering them free temporary access to the imagery of NederlandObliek. Selected prospects from CycloMedia’s sales database received an email as well, explaining the advantages of NederlandObliek and offering them a free test license. Depending on their CRM status, every recipient was carefully sent to one of 3 separate landing pages developed within the CycloMedia marketing platform; each landing page slightly unlike the other in terms of content and structure.

For prospects

For corporate customers

For governmental customers

Paid media were employed as well. Social media advertising and Google search and display ads were utilised to increase traffic and awareness for the aerial photography product, providing an extra boost to an already strong campaign. By meticulously planning the entire campaign span before launch and maintaining consistency across every channel, we were able to keep the effort focused and minimal. The results, however, were considerable.

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