Integrated marketing accross the whole of Europe

For the 2nd year in succession Centagon was asked to develop and manage an international campaign in 14 countries for Wavin with the objective to drive traffic into wholesaler distribution centers and engage in dialogue with installers accross Europe.

14 countries running simultaneously

The Wavin ‘Gear Up 1’ campaign was designed as a contest in which users win prizes through lottery tickets they pick up at wholesaler centres.

It was implemented for a second consecutive year. Every installer who took part in the contest was a winner, because they received a small gift as soon as they registered. They then also participated in a weekly draw to win some great prizes.

Gear Up is a truly international, integrated campaign that was rolled out almost simultaneously in 14 European countries.

Integrated, account-based marketing

Partnering with wholesalers to run a campaign like this is crucial. It’s also necessary to get their buy-in early on, so campaign material can be deployed at their stores on time.

Partner engagement increases when you share data on previous campaigns. The success of Gear Up 1 and the visible results of partner participation were used to help get important wholesalers on board for the second campaign.

Achieved objectives

Convert participating installers into Wavin customers
Grow Wavin’s CRM database with new installers
Total number of unique visitors during the campaign period (Sept-Dec 2017)

The Centagon team have been very successful, agile and supportive to create a great success of the Gear Up campaign for the second year we ran Gear Up in 14 countries. The collaboration in the campaign preparations, - launch, -management and - evaluation of results, had a great impact on the results that were above expectation. Not only in effects on brand awareness, but all the way through the lead generation funnel, focusing on sales and collaboration with our wholesalers – both marketing and IT wise. Thanks a lot for this partnership!

Maarten Oosterhuis, Online Marketer at Wavin Group

Facebook Lead Ads
directly integrated into your CRM

Facebook Lead Ads lets you use in-ad registration forms so potential customers can easily register or request information without leaving Facebook.

You can manually export the collected data from Facebook. An automated approach is also possible if you are running an international campaign with a substantial number of registrations. You can ensure that all registrations are collected according to country and company policy rules, and are automatically mapped into the appropriate part of your CRM system.

To automate this process, Centagon has implemented a Gateway for external channels that connects with the API (application programming interface) of Facebook. Data is immediately and securely collected, then mapped according to the company-specific rules of the form fields. From the gateway it is fed into the CRM of our customers in the correct format.

The result. No matter what questions are asked in the registration form on Facebook, the data output exactly meets the requirements of your CRM.

Interested in seamlessly integrating Facebook Lead Ads into your CRM flows?

Interested in integrating your Facebook Lead Ads into automated CRM flows?

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International campaigns

Performing keyword tests in various countries and languages requires local expertise and market knowledge. Legislation varies per country, so your central concept may also require a regional approach. And, of course, sales and distribution processes are often very different as soon as you cross a border.

Put simply, there are plenty of reasons why you need local implementation in every country.

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or decentralised

Centralised marketing appears to be the logical choice if your goal is to ensure control over data integration, maintain consistency in brand exposure and manage growing complexity in communication.

But what happens when centrally-developed strategies are implemented in a multicultural market space? Where not only language but also regional business practices influence your original ideas?

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Through real-time data updates in your dashboard, your international marketing teams remain engaged in monitoring the results of the campaign.

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